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"I looked back at photos from high school and college. I saw the girl I was 25 lbs ago and I realized that I had such a warped image of myself. Suddenly, it wasn't about weight any more. I was able to look back into the mirror and see myself for how I really look and I made the decision to love myself."
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You want to live a life that matters—as a woman, mother, sister, or spouse. You’re one of those “givers,” always striving to make sure that everyone around you is taken care of, putting yourself last in line... You want happiness in all areas of your life. You want health, wealth, and confidence.
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You’re overwhelmed. There’s is just too much to do and too little time. No matter what you are doing, you feel like it's never enough. When you are on the road for work, you can't stop thinking about what you have to do after work: pick up the girls, stop at the grocery store, make dinner, put in the laundry, help girls with homework, console husband over losing his job, and on and on...

You can’t resist the impulse to check your phone, maybe someone is responding to your post about feeling overwhelmed? You can never seem to get past the urgent stuff at work and, at home, focus on what’s truly important. There’s no margin in your life, and as a result, your relationships, your health, and your success are at risk. Secretly you wonder … can things really be different? Am I headed for a breakdown?

Cat Cantrill knows what it feels like to be discouraged. She made it through a difficult divorce, and raised two kids on her own. She struggled for years with how to become her true self. Eventually, she took the leap of faith and opened her own burlesque dance studio in an unlikely location: Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

As a successful entrepreneur in her second career, she had a breakthrough: the answer isn’t simply to lose weight. The answer is to rewrite the script and build confidence and fitness from the ground up.

Cat holds classes six days a week at her vintage studio in downtown Cedar Rapids. Women experience complete transformations, including building courage, increased fitness, and improved happiness. From practical fitness programs like Vixen Dance Fitness, to personal growth programs like Secret Wardrobe, Cat's content empowers women to continually improve their lives.

Join Cat in her studio or virtually via Secret Wardrobe to get the tools, inspiration, and wisdom you need to stop existing in your old self and become the woman you were meant to be.

Living in a perpetual state of overwhelm isn’t sustainable, and in the long run, you’ll burn out. The relationships you cherish most will suffer. Ultimately, your life won’t have the impact you know it could. With Cat’s guidance, you’ll find that becoming your best self doesn’t have to be stressful and overwhelming. You can become who you want to be. You don’t have to choose between a successful personal life and self love. With the right guidance, you can multiply your impact and achieve your goals, all while savoring your success with the people who matter most.

"I help women become who they are meant to be... Ready for and adventure?"
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