the cat cantrill show

The Cat Cantrill Show

Your Self Love went missing in your life a while ago.

But… your Self Love is using this page to send you a unique message…

“Girl, It’s time we talked… Winky Face.”

Want to know how I know?

Your Self Love found me, looking for its match. And I found you…

You can stop worrying now. I am your guide, Cat Cantrill.

Finding your Self Love Match is the key to Falling in Love with Your Life.

Check out The Cat Cantrill Show to find out how I help women all over the world find their Self Love Match…

My Unique approach to helping women was formed by helping thousands of women meet and fall in love with themselves, sometimes for the first time.

From there, women take back their own lives, building relationships, businesses, and experiences. I have taken women all over the world, helping them see themselves along the way: Paris, St. Thomas, London, Dublin, and Turks & Caicos.

What do YOU get from Self Love Matchmaking?
Great question!
You get a hand helping you up, inviting you to YOUR OWN party.
You get a magic wand to use at your discretion.
You get to see what’s behind your own curtain.
You get you.
You get you. 
(more please)

What’s holding you back?
Girl, all this stuff is free. So it’s not money. I want to help you get to a place where you are happy. Not shouting like a woo girl at the 12:10am at the club, but actually HAPPY…

Happy with who you are.
Happy with who you are with…
Happy with what you are doing.
Get Happy. Actually happy.
And you can do it for free, with The Cat Cantrill Show.

The Cat Cantrill Show spreads the Message of Self Love. We help you find your Self Love Match!

Who’s to Blame in all this?
To fall back in love with ourselves, we have to stop reliving ancient history, most of which is clouded by time and emotion.

Why Now?
Not sure if you noticed, but the world needs women falling in love with themselves. Then we can spread Self Love to our sons and daughters.
To have more love. That’s it.
That’s what we are all here for.
We want love and to make more.

Why should I trust you?
I’ve been at this a long time. I don’t need you to trust me. I am not a guru.
But the truth is, thousands and thousands of women trusted me.
What I need is for you to trust you, for a second.
And ask yourself, does this feel good?
If it feels good for you, keep reading…

And let’s be honest, if you don’t need more Self Love….
Maybe you have some deeper self reflection that needs to happen.
If you don’t want more self love…
Good luck girl.
Without Self Love, your foundation gets kinda squishy.

So how does it work?
Finding your Self Love Match?
It’s simple. Just toss your name on the email list below to be notified the next time I release an episode of The Cat Cantrill Show…
Or click this link to listen now.

What do you have to lose?
Our life goes in cycles.
You might have noticed if you look back…
You have repeated a lot of cycles with bad and good relationships.
Lessons keep coming up, lookin to be expressed and understood.
This is your reminder.
Time to work on you.
You are looking for self love or you would NOT be here.

We are all one breath away from infinity.
You have everything to lose. And everything to gain.

Let me help you fall back in love with you.

Your Self Love is Looking for You!