March 30

Episode 010: 21 Day Challenge Gave Kate Her Life Back

The 21 Day Challenge Gave Kate Her Life Back – Interview with Kate Rego

Kate Rego is a registered nurse who had fallen out of love with herself. She was facing burnout, going through an identity crisis and was now working from home due to an injury.  She felt misplaced and fed up.  Something was missing and she needed to do something. She found my 21 Day Challenge for Self Love.

In this episode, I interviewed my client Kate Rego.  We discussed her experience with my 21 Day Self Love Challenge, why she signed up and what she expected.  We discuss her journey throughout the 3 weeks.  Kate explains the dramatic change in her and how this challenge gave her the gift…of herself.    

Tune in as Kate explains how this challenge took her from feeling depressed and overwhelmed to a space of self love and hope. We discuss the 21 Day Challenge in greater detail and what you can expect when you join.  

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