Cat Cantrill, Dating Coach and Matchmaker

Cat is awesome! She really cares about each person she comes in contact with. She truly wants us all to find love. The speed dating event was so much fun! I cannot wait to attend more events!
Schedule a meet with Cat…she will indeed help you find yourself and maybe even love!

– Karlya

Cat Cantrill

Cat Cantrill is a professional matchmaker with a passion for bringing couples together.

Cat’s approach to matchmaking is one of understanding and empathy, and she works hard to ensure that each couple she introduces is well-matched and likely to have a lasting relationship. She is considered a ‘heart-centric’ matchmaker.

Cat also uses technology to help her match couples. Her website includes a comprehensive questionnaire that allows potential clients to provide details about their personalities and relationship goals. This information is then used to create a personalized profile for each client, which Cat uses to find matches that will be most compatible.

In addition to the test results, Cat typically spends several hours discussing their lives, personalities, and relationship goals when she receives a new client. She then uses this information to create a unique profile for the client and then searches for potential matches. Cat makes note to tell every client that she is not a therapist and will recommend one if needed.

Cat has an extensive network of contacts in the dating and matchmaking industry, which she uses to find potential partners for her clients. She also uses a variety of online dating and social media platforms to search for potential matches.

Cat provides date coaching, helping to ensure that clients progress in the right direction. Her approach is one of understanding and empathy. Cat Cantrill is a matchmaker who truly cares about helping people find their ideal partner, and her success is a testament to her hard work and dedication.

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