Cat Cantrill  



Allyssa has been around the world with me, TWICE! Once to St. Thomas and a second time with my high-end mastermind women, to Turks and Caicos! ✈️

Allyssa is a brilliant scientist, with a wide range of super powers, including taming atomic energy and photography.

I love her so much. Hugs, Cat ?

allysa testimonial card

I first met Cat summer of 2017 because I found myself sitting on my couch one evening, not happy and needing something.  

After a self inflected rough start at Studio Vitality, I decided to embrace the fact that I was having fun and enjoying myself again. Over these last years I find myself trying new things that honestly never would have crossed my path, had I not embraced the self love and self acceptance that Cat brought to light for me.

Cat showed me how to give myself permission and to really breakdown my goals and challenges. Most importantly she has taught me how to accept my challenges and to thrive through my goals.

I joined Flame in August 2020 and it has been the perfect way to help me process my last year and set up my future, personally and professionally. My transitions, setting boundaries and figuring out me (again ) has been a rollercoaster.

I know I could have done this solo but I didn’t want to. Having someone who knows me from many sides and helping guide me has been the self love gift I needed for myself.