This is a red flag

Can You See It? Most women turn off their ability to see red flags. It Affects Most Women around 22. Once Turned on… It’s Hard to turn off. We fall into patterns. “This keeps happening to me again and again.” Money, Relationships, Body, Career… You don’t listen to yourself because you not listening to the… Continue reading This is a red flag

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Transform Your Story

We are super pleased to announce, in association with Vault Co-Working in Cedar Rapids… “Transform Your Story” An invitation to slow down, to rest…When you were a little girl, you dreamed about life as an adult, if you could just get there… everything would be roses and caviar. But something changed along the way. We… Continue reading Transform Your Story

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Lipstick: Rebel Ritual

Do you remember being a little girl and digging in your mother’s purse to find her lipstick? You rummaged past her wallet and keys to unearth a treasure. You pulled that shiny metal tube from her bag and looked at it, a tiny gateway to a new realm you couldn’t yet understand. But you knew… Continue reading Lipstick: Rebel Ritual

200 Self Love Quotes for Women

200 Self Love quotes from women you love (and some you haven’t heard of yet). Women Empowerment “Your smaller self is never ready to be more. Your higher self is already more.Your fear is the only bridge between the two.Cross it.” –Andréa Balt “When I’m hungry, I eat. When I’m thirsty, I drink. When I… Continue reading 200 Self Love Quotes for Women

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