Free “You are Beautiful” Sticker

Free You are Beautiful Sticker sent in the mail from Cat!

Hello, sweet woman.
Let me ask you a quick question.
When was the last time somebody told you how beautiful you are?
Wait, when was the last time YOU told you how beautiful you are?
This is really important.
And I’m going to go into that and just a moment, and I have a little prize for you,
But let me be the one to tell you today…
If you haven’t heard it, that You are Beautiful!

You are gorgeous.
You are talented.
You are amazing.

And I could go on and on and you’ve got great taste!

Or you wouldn’t have clicked on this video,
But anyway, let me introduce myself before I tell you why this is important.

My name is Cat Cantrill and I’ve made it my life’s mission to assist women in their journey of rediscovery to help them reclaim their identity, to give them the tools that they need to start the healing process of mending the relationship that they have with themselves.

Now you are beautiful and you are, but you have to believe it.
We get compliments all the time, right?
Ladies, where people are like, Oh, you’re this, you’re that?
And then you’ll say, ‘Oh, this,’ or you’ll make an excuse on why not to accept the compliment because you don’t believe it.

I’ve made it my life’s mission, To help women set the foundation of self-love. And part of that foundation is getting you to believe that you are beautiful and here’s how I do it.

I have one of these, one of these amazing “You are Beautiful” stickers. I mail these out to the women in my community. (That’s You)

And I want to mail you one, because I want you to stick this on the back of your cell phone.
I want you to stick this up in your rearview mirror.
I want you to stick this on your laptop.
I want you to stick this in a place where you can get the reminder on a daily basis of how beautiful you are. And why is this important?

It’s part of the process of rewiring your brain.

You need to actually tell yourself that you are beautiful, no matter how many compliments you receive.

No, it doesn’t matter until you believe it. It’s not going to happen.

You’re never going to believe it until you start exercising and telling yourself on a daily basis that you are beautiful.

So let’s start setting this foundation.
Let’s start setting your self-love foundation in your life by this little tiny free “You are Beautiful” sticker.
You want one love to send you one.
So click one, click my little link down below, and I’ll send it off to you.

Thank you for being here. And I hope I get to send this to you soon.

I’ll see you. Bye.

Hugs, Cat Cantrill

Get a FREE STICKER (not catch, no pay for shipping, just free)

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you are beautiful sticker
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By Cat Cantrill

Welcome to The Cat Cantrill Show were we help women with self love. We use self love affirmations in concert with self love meditations to grow women's self love habits.

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