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About Cat
Cat knows what it feels like to be discouraged. She made it through a difficult divorce, and raised two kids on her own. She struggled for years with how to become her true self. Eventually, she took the leap of faith and opened her own burlesque dance studio in an unlikely location: Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

As a successful entrepreneur in her second career, she had a breakthrough: the answer isn’t simply to lose weight. The answer is to rewrite the script and build confidence, fitness, and leadership from the ground up.

Cat holds classes six days a week at her vintage studio in downtown Cedar Rapids. Women experience complete transformations, including building courage, increased fitness, and improved happiness. 
Check Them Out...
Vitality Fitness & Dance
This is where it all started... Vitality is Cat's local dance studio in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 

A women's empowerment dance studio, Vitality welcomes all women. It is the elctro-shock-therapy for the modern age of gyms full of sweaty dudes and angry barbies. 

Cat offers classes six days a week in a beautiful, remodeled vintage studio. Ranging from fitness to empowerment to burlesque, the studio specializes in being a guide for women who need something more. 
Kick Ass Red Lipstick
A Global Women's movement, Kick Ass Red Lipstick (KARL) is also the name of Cat's book. 

KARL is designed to empower women with the simple act of wearing red lipstick. Cat outlines a process that invites women to discover themselves through a series of introspective challenges. 

If it's time for you to stop procrastinating, start changing. KARL allows you to put simple processes in place to improve your life and leave your legacy...

Secret Wardrobe
Cat's 'application-only' course where she rebuilds your confidence and fitness from the ground up. This course is available all over the world, has been used by women to restore their sense of self, become who they want to be, and rescue themselves from the pits of despair. 

Are you worth it?

(No... it's not about clothes... It's a metaphor... lol)
30Day Business Builder
I get asked all the time... How do you start a business? I have been in business for a long time in a very unique niche. I put together a month of videos for you to go through my system. 

It's TOTALLY free, so jump in and take a look on me!