April 13

Episode 012: On-Air Coaching: How to Find Self Love As An Entrepreneur with Karissa Littlejohn


Is it possible to find some true self love when you are a single mom of two and running your own business?

Yes. It is possible but it isn’t about bubble baths & GNO (those are important by the way).  It is about the little things.  

Join me as I coach Karissa Littlejohn, a successful entrepreneur who runs an international luxury retreat company.  Karissa shares the struggles she faces with balancing motherhood, being a business owner and finding time for herself.  During the call, we discuss the importance of “white space” and how self love can start with one sentence.

Karissa leaves our session with 3 small actionable self love steps to help her get out of overwhelm and reconnect with her inner woman. 

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