Once Upon a Time…

…there was a little girl. She loved to dance. She had many talents but dancing was something special, a sparkly room where she could be herself. There was freedom in it and liberation. It was self expression and an escape. It was self expression in a way that was not available through dialogue.

Maybe you know a little girl like this?

As she aged, she discovered the dance slowed died. Responsibilities and obligations, adulthood and drama gave way to a barren landscape devoid of dance. She was told that dance was the realm of little girls, daughters and dreamers.

Dance was only allowed in clubs to attract men.

So she returned to the realm of little girls and coached and choreographed the dance team for the high-school pom-squad. It was dance, but she wasn’t dancing as an woman, she was helping young girls…

And then everything went sideways. Life folded in on itself and marriage gave way to dark drama. Vicious hours became days, which gave way to years.

Lost, broke, and alone, our heroine turned back to dance, but there was nowhere to go…

So she created it. A tiny studio was born where women could come and dance, to experience a sense of freedom, a confidence and self expression… An escape from their every-day lives.

This little girl created a circle where women can enter, be safe and dance again. She welcomes all women inside the circle. She creates wonder, and wants to take you from where you are to where you deserve to be…

Do you deserve this?

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By Cat Cantrill

Welcome to The Cat Cantrill Show were we help women with self love. We use self love affirmations in concert with self love meditations to grow women's self love habits.

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