The Cat Cantrill Show

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-What are you talking about?
We are talking about you. 😉 We are talking about building your foundation of self love so that you can tackle that “one big thing” we all want to accomplish in our lives.

-Are the episodes available now?
YES! Scroll to the bottom of this page or go here for links to Youtube, iTunes, or Spotify.

-Cat, how is this different from Facebook Live?
Great question. I released four episodes at once, and it took months to put them together! I scripted every episode and rehearsed the until they were GREAT for you!

-What are you selling?
The podcasts are totally free. I offer a lot of great stuff so that most women can find their own way to self love. Some women want additional help. I invite them to call me. That’s the big sales pitch. Watch out.

-What can I do to help you Cat?
YES! OMG. You can share these episodes with your girl friends, mothers, and sisters!

Now Available on Your Favorite Streaming Service!
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