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St. Thomas on our Private Beach!

Welcome to The Cat Cantrill Show, by The L❤️OVE COACH, Cat Cantrill! I am honoured to have you as part of our self love community for women.

My mission is to help single, high-achieving women find the love of their lives. I help women expose themselves to the hidden gem of their worlds: Themselves.

I am The L❤️OVE COACH. I help women fall in love with themselves. And something magic happens. The world starts to see them as a precious gem.

I started this business in 2012, helping women fall in love with themselves. I have taken women to destinations around the world – particularly in Turks & Caicos, London, Paris, St. Thomas, and Dublin.

If it’s your first time here, I know this can be overwhelming, so I created this page. You will some of my very best resources, to get you started.


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Get to Know The L❤️OVE COACH, Cat Cantrill

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The L❤️OVE COACH has a Plan for You

For us, the beauty of self love is the simplicity of solution. We show women how to change and they do it. Some of them make lasting connections with themselves.

There’s a lot of content from Cat – You have a lot of watching to catch up on! Ok, ok – If you want a shortcut, here are some of our most popular episodes:

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FAQ: Frequently Answered Queries 

Q: Do You Practice What You Preach?

A: Yes! I am in a long-term relationship with a man I found on a dating site in 2014. 🔥 You can see his side of the story here.