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Let me set the stage for you... I arranged a Valentine's date for Tessa... I called around Chicago, found her a makeup artist, hair stylist and photographer. The results are the pictures on this page. She became attractive to herself, for the first time in a while. 

Short Story: Tessa recently took a solo trip to Miami and a funny thing happened... Since she was attractive to herself, other people agreed. ? 

I am so proud of her - Love, Cat ?

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After working with Cat,
I can't believe this is my life.

  I'm so at home in my body.  I'm no longer running from my feelings or the need to be perfect.  There's so many facets to Cat’s coaching.  She has you tap into your emotional and spiritual love for yourself along with the love you hold for relationships and friendships. She doesn’t push you, she guides you and encourages you.  

She helps you recognize patterns and encourages you to take a step back.  You ask yourself, “What am I not dealing with?” or “Why am I not healing inside?”

In working with Cat, things have changed in my inside world.  Just in the little amount of time we started my heart is jumping for joy. 

Before hiring Cat, I had my shit together in 3D, but I realized I was so broken on the inside and I didn’t know what was wrong and what was happening.  

I thought that all I wanted was a man but Cat has helped me bring me back home to myself.  

I’m excited to dive deeper with Cat and look forward to what’s next to come!


1:1 Coaching from Cat

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After working with Cat for a few months, Tessa decided it was time to “date herself”. It was Valentine’s Day and instead of waiting for someone to ask her out, she decided to take control and create a special Valentine’s Day for her. Cat organized to have her hair and makeup done at her apartment by a local salon, helped her pick out her outfits and organized a fashion photoshoot with a local photographer. 

Since then, Tessa has become braver and more confident within her life. She has decided to start living her life in the present moment and not the future. She has taken herself on mini trips like Miami and is looking forward to her next adventure. 

After working with Cat, Tessa knows what she wants in a partner and herself. She knows her boundaries and now understands more clearly what she is deserving of. No more settling in dates or in life. Instead of creating pressure for herself to find the one and get married to be happy - she now realizes the importance of being happy with yourself first.