NOTE: While you may see some ‘before and after’ images, Vitality is NOT a weight loss studio. These things happen as a result of loving yourself and self-investment. 

We do not advocate weight loss or teach it in ANY fashion. If you love yourself, great things can happen. That might include weight loss or a new job or a new relationship. 

Losing weight, for the sake of losing weight, is NOT our mission (there are plenty of places to do that).  

We teach self-love and embracing the woman you are meant to be… Period. 

“I am incredibly thankful…”


“I owe Cat my life…”


“The group of women there is empowering, sexy, and so incredibly friendly and supporting…”


“Can’t wait to do this weekly!”


“I had no idea how much you would
change my life…”


“She teaches us to love ourselves.”


“I absolutely LOVE going to Vitality! Great fitness & dance classes, wonderful instructors. I encourage anyone to try a class… you won’t regret it! “

Megan M.

“It was Burlesque class…

We were practicing our sexy walks across the studio. I looked in the mirror and my eyes instantly went to my double chin. My self destructive voice took over and started listing everything I hated about what I saw. Most of this voice I kept within myself, however, I did make one statement out loud. I believe I said something like, ‘If I didn’t have four chins, I’d be happy.’ Cat stopped in her tracks and looked at me like I just broke her heart. ‘We don’t allow that kind of talk in here’ was her response. First, I felt even more self conscious, but after I thought about it, the whole situation made me smile. This woman, Cat, teaches so many women in so many classes, yet in a 30 second reaction to a comment I made, she let me know I matter. She let me know that how I feel about myself affects how she feels. It has been over a month since this happened. Now, I walk into Vitality with my head held high. I no longer look in the mirror and see four chins. Instead, I look in the mirror and see how amazing and beautiful I am. I see the new ways I have learned to move and how sexy I am. I don’t only see it on the outside. I can see myself changing on the inside as well. I no longer hear that self destructive voice overpower all my other thoughts. I walk a little taller and smile a little brighter, all the while, forming a new level of confidence I didn’t even know was possible. I have Vitality Fitness and Cat Cantrill to thank for showing me what beauty inside and out really is.”


“The best and most fun workout ever. I have not been able to make it to classes last month and feel a huge part of myself missing. Such a great outlet and to be free to be yourself! Zumba classes at the Y just won’t cut it!”

Theresa M.

“Mind if I am honest?

I was trying drop baby weight, and it wasn’t going well. 
I couldn’t find a place to exercise that excited me. 
I easily made excuses to avoid workouts. Ever do that?
I was diving deep into motherhood and wasn’t taking care of myself.
I needed a space outside of being a ‘mommy’ to challenge myself, be active, and express myself.
I needed to step outside my comfort zone because, I wasn’t getting any younger.
My self esteem with my post-baby weight was low. Enter Vitality Fitness & Dance Studio.
I danced most of my life and lacked a place to express myself. 
Dance is where I had limitless passion. Dance is where I felt confident. 
I needed this breath of fresh air so I took that first step and haven’t looked back. While taking classes at Vitality, I joined their burlesque troupe. 
I laughed thinking, that is never something I could do. Not in a million years. 
But they encouraged me, and I adore the group of gals.
I found that I could go out on stage and express myself, or be somebody else.
I found that I didn’t have to be a perfect woman; that burlesque embraces all women and all women are sexy.
I’m so glad I took that leap and became a member of The Va Va Voom!
Check out The Va Va Voom! at their next burlesque show!”


“You’re having so much fun, you don’t even realize you’re working out and burning calories!”

Thuy N.

“Secret Wardrobe…

When Cat introduced the idea of Secret Wardrobe, I was still new to Vitality. I honestly thought that the idea was great but I knew it would be a ‘crying’ thing and I didn’t feel like I knew these ladies well enough to be that vulnerable in front of them and let out all of my fears and insecurities. I also thought that even though I could probably benefit from it, I didn’t really need it and I didn’t want to ‘waste’ my time on it. Then one day in class, Cat asks ‘What piece of clothing makes you feel the sexiest?’ I got thinking and realized that I had nothing in my closet that I felt really really good in. I had a meltdown right then and there in the middle of class. That’s when it hit me that I truly did NEED this workshop. Like a lot of people, I gained some weight after high school/college, and to the general public, I’m still average or some may even say thin, but I didn’t recognize the girl in the mirror any more.  I didn’t know how to dress myself any more. I became the most comfortable in anything that hid my body, but then I would see pictures and feel disgusted. I saw myself the way others saw me and knew that my mindset about my body was defeating me.  I was looked sluggish and insecure. I didn’t look happy or confident. I guess I really wasn’t. This journey was NOT easy. Even though I’m technically a graduate of this workshop now, I feel like I will constantly be thinking about it and growing. The things we learned will help with every aspect of life. It has taught me to be more ‘selfish’ and to make sure that I’m doing things for myself and doing things that make me feel good. Everyone talks about inner beauty, but Cat and Secret Wardrobe has taught me that it is easier to see your own inner beauty when you let it spill to the outside too. I will always have days that I feel down or don’t feel sexy but I now know how to refocus my energy and learn to love myself again. This workshop has made me a better person and I know it has done so for so many others. I cannot thank Cat enough for what she has created and I have made some amazing friendships along the way too. We all really bonded and support each other like no words can explain. Soooo…. Thanks.”


Changing the World

One Woman at a Time

“Hey girl I just wanted to thank you again for helping me with the burlesque dance! For the competition I made it to the finals and I rocked the burlesque dance li…ke non other! I placed 3rd overall! Just wanted you to know everyone loved it and was requesting that I perform it again lol. For winning third place i won a 6 night all expense trip back to Jamaica . I couldn’t of done it without your help…thanks again for helping me find the dancer in me, i truly miss performing!”


Gain Confidence

I just want to thank Vitality for my legs. It sounds a little silly, but I have always had very dense and heavily toned calves ( from sports and my overall occupation), I have always idolized women like Ginger Rogers and Betty Grable because of their long, lean gams. Furthermore, I have always been a tad jealous of my friends who didn’t bulk up like I. After a few months at Vitality, my short legs are leaning up into a more feminine form and I am in love. Dance makes me happier everyday (for so many reasons). So thank you ladies, you rock.

-Lindsey Krotz

Feel Empowered

Cat, Thank you so much for teaching the burlesque classes last week at YogaFest. It was a very, very large leap for me but I was excited to do it, and it exceeded my expectations. Although maybe it was not apparent (I was in your first class, and was the videographer because I didn’t want to be videotaped), I really enjoyed it. I told my girlfriends about it the next day that it would be an exciting thing to do together. It was a great exercise in pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, which I do not think we do enough. And you are a very empowering and motivating coach which made it even better! I also read about your Kick Ass Red Lipstick group, and I love it…. Can’t wait to see the next Burlesque show! Keep making Cedar Rapids awesome!


Have Fun

Thank you Vitality Fitness and Dance Studio… I just had to buy new jeans in a size SMALLER than what I have been wearing. Thank you for a great fitness program that is fun and does not feel like exercise. Can’t wait to show off my new jeans.Kim PaulsLast night was the last night of Monday classes for the current session, and it was a TOTAL BLAST! So much fun! Cat teaches fun & challenging routines that also give you a great workout (but it’s too fun to realize you’re “exercising”!). I have gained confidence, muscle tone & learned some new moves. Can’t wait for next session to start!

-Katherine Tone

Invest in YOU

Thank you so much for continuing to offer Babywearing Boogie! It’s such an energizing, refreshing weekly reminder that deep down underneath all the work & home obligations, teething baby & lack of sleep, that I’m still “me”. It’s so hard balancing the roles of wife/mother/employee & at times I feel like I’m using every ounce of my energy just to keep everyone happy & healthy. Babywearing Boogie is the best way to start the weekend because I get to spend time with my baby (no mommy guilt!) & do something for me! It’s good for my body, but great for my soul. Cat, a huge thank you from the bottom of my heart.

-Megan Fernandez

“I’m feeling empowered, in control of my life.”


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