cat's retreat to adventure

Warm sun beats down on your shoulders...

You look to the ocean... from a shore you never expected to be standing on…

A small group of women look up at the sun, dreaming of the flowers that will bloom in their lives after this trip…

Join Cat on an enchanting, once in a lifetime, super dream…

So what is a Women's Retreat with The L❤️VE COACH???

These retreats are an EXPERIENCE – a powerful change-engine for Women.

Picture invigoration and possibility spiral into your life.

You put yourself in the center again. The Retreat is the event to re-ignite LOVE while fulfilling your deepest desires, for travel and transformation. 

Prior the world shutting down, Cat took small groups of women, 3-6, on trips. She called those trips Spark. POST craziness, she will be taking larger groups 7-25, to bespoke adventures abroad. You can sign up to join the travel waitlist, here. A number of women have been on multiple retreats! 

Previous Spark Journeys

Spark: Paris


A romantic trip to the city of love… Was it with their partner? NO, they learned to fall in love with themselves again… See the travelogue

Spark: St. Thomas

We spent a life changing week in a beautiful home with a private beach… See the story.

Spark: London

Luxurious tea in one of the most famous locations in the world… See the Story.

Spark: Dublin

A romantic city shrouded in rain, tradition, and possibility. The Cliffs of Moher stand as a monument to Spark.

TURKS AND CAICOS: I took some high achieving women to Turks and Caicos! See the Travelogue!

cat on the beach in turks and caicos
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Hugs, Cat